Useful advices for Internet & e-mail usage abroad


Below you may find useful advice in order to better control Internet usage while roaming and avoid unwanted and accidental roaming charges.

For your mobile phone:

Make sure that you lock the keyboard of your mobile phone in order to avoid unaware data traffic at the internet.

For your e-mail account:

From the menu of your mobile phone, adjust the Mail so that you avoid downloading large amount of data traffic.

For example you can:

-- Receive only the text from your e-mail (without the attachments)

- Receive only e-mail up until specific data volume e.g. 5ΚΒ

- Choose to open or not the attachments in your e-mail

Also please have in mind that you can also select which e-mail account you would like to automatically synchronize while you are abroad.

For Internet usage:

We remind you that websites with a lot of photos, maps and videos consume heavy data traffic.

For your mobile phone applications:

Adjust the settings of your mobile phone or your laptop so that you will be asked on every case of software update. Choose which of the applications that you have installed, you need to be automatically updated and with what frequency. Before you download any applications, carefully check about its size.